{Weekend Recap}

WARNING long post :)

For Lindsey's Birthday we went to Hiro's Japanese Steak House (amazing food) and then to World of Beers.

Prepping the food

I was so proud of Kim, she drank a beer with out a straw.

WOB's has more than 30 drafts, and 200 bottles. I think Jeff was overwhelmed on what to order.



Saturday we were very lazy during the day. We cleaned a bit and caught up with Tivo. At night Jeff, my Daddy, cousin and Uncle all got tickets to go see the Monster Truck Rally. The girls were not to interested in that so we went to dinner at BJ's and then a movie. We saw Leap Year...It was a cute girlie movie (if you love your man you will not make him see this movie) that was extremely predictable!

I got my hair done and it came out great.

Then for dinner we went to my parents house and watched the football game. My Dad made his famous Supper on a bread slice. (which is basically meatloaf on french bread) Jeff and Dad devoured it. I made myself a salad and brought that over for me. While the guys watched the game Mum and I watched Extreme Home Makeover. Two reasons I love to watch this show... One, It always makes me cry. Good tears, I like to see the families happy. And two we are always looking to see if we can see Jeff's best friend John. He has worked on the show for three years as a builder.

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