{These are a few of my Favorite things}

I was talking to my hubby and thinking of a way for you galls to get to know me better. Then a commercial for Sound of music came on…. The song “These are a few of my Favorite things”. That’s it! Every Wednesday I will have a subject with a theme (like books, music, movies, ext.).

My Top Five Books… (Not in any particular order.)

1. All four of the Twilight books: by Stephenie Meyer – I will totally admit that I love these books! Team Edward!!!
2. Redeeming love: by Francine Rivers
3. Tuesdays with Morrie: by Mitch Albom
4. Dear John: by Nicholas Sparks – I am so excited; they made this into a movie and will be out on Feb, 5 2010.
5. Love you Forever: by Robert N. Munsch. – I know this is a children’s book, but my mother read this to me every night. And I am so thrilled to one day read this to my children. My mother still says to me, “I will love you forever, I will like you for always, and as long as you’re living my baby you’ll be.”

What are your favorite books?


Ashley Pizarro said...

Love You Forever is one of my absolute favorite books...really its a classic that everyone should own. I also LOVE Nicholas Sparks. He actually visits the Barnes & Noble right by my house yearly to do book signings. My mom thinks he is so hot so she always goes and gets a new pic. with him. :) I love your idea of themed Wednesdays.

Iva said...

I LOVE Tuesdays with Morrie!!