Weekend Recap

On Friday Jeff thought it would be fun for our group to go play Shuffle Board. (St. Pete has the largest Shuffle Board area. I think the guys said we have over 50 boards to play on.) Every Friday it is free to play and you can bring your own food and drinks in. When we got there the place was packed. And not with oldies, but with people our age! Jeff liked it so much fun he is becoming a member of the club.
Jeff was awesome at the game.

On Saturday we worked out and then caught up on the DVR. That night a good friend of mine from work was having a 30th birthday party for her husband. I don't really have pictures from it, but it was a great time! I did however get a picture of his birthday cake that she had ordered for him. Eddie loves zombie movies so Jasmine had figurines made (the one on the bottom looks like Eddie) and a yummy cake from Publix.

Sunday was another relaxed day. I went walking downtown with Lindsey and during our walk we saw a friend of ours modeling Vera Wang gowns. Kelly looked amazing like always!
After Lindsey and I went walking all of our friends went to the pool to hang out! I do love living in FL this time of the year!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Mrs. Bear said...

Ooo your friend modeling Vera Wang gowns!?!? SO JEALOUS!

That cake is awesome - can't believe Publix made it!

And shuffleboard... so cool =0)

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!! We are loving this weather, too! Glad you had such a great weekend and thank you for your sweet comment-it made my day! xoxo