Weekend Recap

I know to most people that they have already posted there weekend recap, but my work week just started for me! I work for a Bank and we had Monday off so I took Tuesday off as well! HEAVEN!
This weekend was so busy, but so much fun! My soon to be sister in laws Bachelorette Party was this weekend. After planning this thing I was so excited to reveal to Megan what we were doing. All she new was to pack an over night bag, and a cute dress.
Friday - After work was over I met up with Megan's sister to get last minute things together. She brought over an interesting cake pan (Bachelorette Party.... Just think about what the cake pan looks like) over so we can make Megan a cake. I am not going to lie, I was super uncomfortable about that, and I don't think Jeff was to happy about that being in his house. But anyways, we made the cake. After the packing was over Missy went home, J and I went to Jeremy and Megan's house for dinner. We had a blast but I wanted to go home kind of early, knowing that I would not get to much sleep the next night.
Saturday - I picked Megan and her two sisters up and we headed to Orlando. Everything in the trip was a surprise to Megan. She had no idea what was going on. After 500 restroom stops we finally made it to our hotel room. This place was incredible! We stayed at a resort called Carbi Cove. Our room was Three bedrooms, two baths, living room, dinning room, Kitchen and three porches.
Here are some pics of the place. I didn't really take that many.

After everyone arrived to the resort we went to Lunch and the a Spa. The spa ended up not totally being what I had in mind but all of the girls liked it and Megan had fun.

Megan, Jenny and Dela getting there toes done.

After the "spa" we broke off into two groups. Becky (Bridesmaid) and Megan went to grab our dinners. (We ordered from Olive Garden and wanted to eat at the hotel. It was so nice there that we wanted to actually stay at the hotel) And the rest of us went to the hotel to decorate! Becky is great at staling so we had plenty of time to get things together.
Megan and her bride cup.

After dinner was over we had got Megan gifts for her honeymoon.

After the gifts were over we drove to CityWalk only to find out that we could not get in. Megan's sister is under 21. I had called a couple of times and everyone I talked to said she could get in but only in selected areas. :( But they didn't tell me you had to get there before 10pm. We got there around 12am. So Megan wanted to go back to the hotel and finish her party there. All of the girls seemed like they had a great time.

Sunday - We cleaned up our decorations, checked out and went to breakfast. After that the girls wanted to go shopping. We only spent a couple of hours there cause we all got so tired for the lack of sleep.

I really hope Megan had a good time! I worked really hard at planning this.

On Sunday after everyone was dropped off I met some girls that I work with for dinner. I love these girls and I don't know what I would do at work without them! Amie and Lari both had to get home to there babies. But Jennifer, Jasmine and myself were there till 11pm. We had no idea how late it had gotten. We were just sitting there chatting, laughing and even crying together. I am so blessed that these girls are in my life. I LOVE Y'ALL!!

Amie, Jennifer, Lari and Jasmine
Monday - J and I relaxed! It was wonderful. We slept in, worked out, went grocery shopping and watched Fireproof. (What a good movie!!!!)
Tuesday - J had to go to work so I did the SAHW thing and cooked him breakfast. After he left I cleaned, worked out and took a shower. I met him for lunch and then went home to relax. It was great to have that day!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and week. Sorry for the long post.

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

The bachelorette party looks like a blast! Glad you had a great time! xoxo