{Weekend Recap - Thanksgiving Edition}

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
For Thanksgiving this year we went to my Aunts house in Crystal River. The weather outside was a perfect Florida day. The food was delicious, and we have some really great laughs. Here are some pictures from the day.
The table before the turkey and ham came out.
The desert table :) We had my favorite pie! Pecan Pie!!!

My sister and I

Shane was rocking out to Guitar Hero

Daddy and Jeff watching the football game and waiting for dinner.
Ladder Golf.
The two most handsome men in the world competing against each other.

Shane and Jeff won. Final score was 21- 17.

My mother never has her eyes open!

Jeff thinking about jumping.

Jeff jumping, and Aj laughed so hard she almost dropped him. (I guess you had to be there)

Laughing about it afterwards

Shane and me

A normal Black Friday for me is... Shopping with my two best friends and being done with Christmas shopping. This year did not turn out like that at all.
Lindsey did not want to do the early bird shopping but, she would meet up with us for lunch. I picked Barby up at her place at 2:30am so we could head to the mall. Old Navy was opening up at 3:00am. And we needed clothes for our Ski trip in March. When we got to Old Navy it was packed (crazy). Barby and I got the clothes we wanted and started waiting in line for the check out. It was really cold out (50 degrees outside, and to a Florida girl that is freezing) so we were dressed in sweaters, and boots. Old Navy could not get the air working... Let me rewind for a second, Barby was not feeling great on Thanksgiving. She ate barely anything, and drank little water. Fast forward to no air. For 30 minutes we were standing in line, Barby is holding 3 pairs of Jeans, 4 Fleece jackets, her jacket and a purse that would fit my car. She is starting to look really pale and asks me if she could go sit down and I just stand in line. I didn't have a problem so I said sure. She was not gone for more than 1 minute and I get a phone call from her telling me that she needs to leave. We drop everything and start walking out of the store. I look at her and she started to walk like a drunk bum (sorry Barby but that is how you looked!). The next thing I know is she is starting fall. I did not grab her before she hit her knees but I got her from hitting her head. I was yelling at her to try and wake her up and she was not. I am starting to panic so I call her mom who is a nurse... well I could not figure out how to unlock Barby's phone, so I grab my phone and call her sister. I finally got Barby to wake and decided I could drag/ carry her to the food court. (Oh and there was not one person stopping to see if I needed help, I was screaming at Barby and she was not waking up. Not one person stopped. That shocks me) After getting Barby to the Food Court (thank the lord she only weighs 95 pounds) she could barley keep awake. I knew her blood sugar was very low and she need a coke. I propped her against four chairs to keep her from falling (again not one person helping but everyone is watching. I yelled if you are not going to help then look somewhere else). After spending three years waiting in line for a coke she started to feel better, her mom got there and was in a panic. We got her temperature and her blood sugar back to normal and she was fine. And like the little trooper she is... she wanted to finish her shopping. We only went to one other store and than I took her home. What a crazy Black Friday!
Sorry if this ran on long!

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