{Weekend Recap - Halloween Edtion}

Happy November bloggers!

This weekend was so busy.

*Friday - USF game. Go BULLS
We played West Virgina at home and it was an awesome.

*Saturday - Halloween
This year we decided to go line dancing at the Watering Trough. My grams teaches the classes there so Jeff and I know most of the dances.

*Sunday - Jeff and I did our normal routine. Church, brunch at Babalous, then went home to relax and watch football.

All of the girls
(Starting from the left: AJ - she was a nudist on strike; Bre - a prisoner; Barby - a beer wench; Me - cowgirl; Lindsey - Shurlock homes; Kim - sexy vampire)

Barby's costume was giving her problems. The tights would not stay up.

Scary picture of Kim, but it shows off the makeup I did on her :)

How could you not love this face :) Kim is my partner in crime!

My hubby and me. He is so cute!

I love them!

The group dancing. (not really sure what Jeff and I are doing)

My favorite picture of Barby and me.

I was dancing and Lindsey took this shot of me.

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Tiffany said...

Looks like y'all had tons of fun!