Five things that...

So one of my friends had this on her blog and i thought it would be fun todo :)

Inspire me
1. People that overcome great odds
2. Beautiful art
3. Good music
4. Beauty, life around me.
5. Cool photos

Anger me
1. Abortion
2. Child abuse
3. Mean people or people who bring others down
4. People who drive too slow or too fast
5. People who abuse animals or kill them for no reason

Confuse me
1. Please who don't like strawberries.... hello?
2. Michael Jackson's face
3. Belly rings?
4. Suicidal cults
5. why people cheat

Delight me
1. Time with my Hubby
2. Scrapbooking
3. Emails in my inbox
4. Vacations
5. Good times with friends

Amaze me
1. God's grace
2. People with drive
3. People who go after their dreams
4. The ideas that come out of Jeff
5. The miracle of pregnancy (i am so excited for Jamey!)

Sadden me
1. Not seeing The Office every Thursday
2. People who are hurting
3. People dying
4. Children being abused or neglected
5. People who refuse to work through their problems or blame them on others

Fullfill me
1. Snowboarding
2. Walking on the beach
3. Creating
4. Photography
5. Starting and finishing something

Frighten me
1. Something happening to Fawny
2. snakes
3. incurable diseases
4. Losing someone that i love
5. Drunk Drivers

Relax me
1. Long hot bubble baths
2. A glass of wine or a drink
3. Cooking
4. pedicures, massages
5. chatting with a good friend

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