What I'm Loving Today!

I am so excited for all of the things that I am loving today!

After work I am going shopping with my Daddy. Now I know to some that does not seem like a great time. But we get all of my Momma's gift. We have so much fun picking out gifts to spoil her. Then the best part Daddy is taking me out for dinner as a thank you for helping me out.

Gable and I have started House Hunting!!! This is fun but trying. We don't know if we want to move to Wesley Chapel or stay in St. Petersburg. Decisions decisions.

Gable is in L.A. for a couple of days on business, so Friday I will be going to my sissy house for a movie night. We are going to order in Chinese (Gable hates it and it is the only time I can eat it), eat candy, chat and watch a chick flick! I think it is the makings of a perfect night!

I am about 90% done with Christmas Shopping.

This Saturday is my office's Holiday Party and we are going to the brand new Dali! I am so excited to finally see it!!!!

Today during lunch is my departments Holiday lunch and we are going to the Cheesecake Factory. This is one of my favorite places to eat.

I hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!


Natalie and Lee said...

CHEESECAKE FACTORY... Yum, we may have to go there this weekend now! :)

Loving your blog!

Amy G. said...

Yay for shopping with your daddy and yummy food and Holiday parties! All sound like a blast...I'm a little jealous :) Happy Wednesday!

Katie said...

Visiting from WILW :) I hope you enjoyed your Cheesecake Factory! I love it, but we just don't get there enough! And good luck on the house hunting, we're considering it as well but still are a little unsure...it's so complicated!

Venessa said...

I love shopping with my dad...I still do it for my mom's birthday gift since her bday is the day after Christmas. We have to find something that has nothing to do with Christmas so it is always a fun hunt! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Brooke said...

LOVE Cheesecake Factory! And your 90% done pic is too funny! Thankfully, I'm right there with you! xoxo Brooke

Kristen said...

Definitely need to make a good decision as far as where you want to live! Good luck on the house hunt, it definitely is trying but worth it in the end! :)