Weekend Recap

So this weekend was a sad weekend. On Friday J received a call from his dad that his grandfather is not doing well, and will probably not make it through the weekend. So after work J went to his grandfathers house to spend time with his family. Our cat was sick so I had to stay home and clean up after her. When J got home he looked like a wreck. His grandfather was refusing any medical help. Hospice wanted to give morphine and oxygen and Grandpa Gable pushed it away.

Saturday we had the USF football game. J wanted to go just to get his mind off of everything. Unfortunately we loosed. That didn't help with putting him in a better mood. After the game we both headed to Grandpa Gables house. the family was over and we needed to be around them. We actually had a good time. It was nice seeing everyone. We watched the FSU game. Every now and then sadness would come over the group, but Uncle Clark would crack a joke to make the mood lighter. I am so great full that he did. Around 9:30 we said our good byes and headed home. That was the last time Jeff saw his grandpa. I made us dinner and we wanted to watch funny TV. So Modern Family and the League were the perfect solution.

Sunday Jeff woke up and went for a run, and I cleaned around the house. We received a phone call at 10am that Grandpa Gable had passed away. J just started crying. My heart broke that he was so sad. We sat on the couch and prayed together. After that I mentioned to J lets get lunch with your parents. Family always helps to be around. We ended up going to El Caps (very popular place in the Burg). It was just what the Doctor ordered, and I think it helped J feel better.

That was our weekend update. I hope everyone had a better weekend then we did. Please pray for the Gable family as they heal from this loss. Thank you and God Bless!

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