Weekend Recap

This was a fun/ relaxing/ crazy weekend.

Friday was very calm. Jeff was leaving for is Backpacking weekend with his brothers. So we stayed in. I made us breakfast for dinner and we watched some shows on the DVR.

Saturday I woke up with Jeff at 6am (that time should not exist on Saturdays!) to cook him breakfast and to see him off for his weekend trip. I couldn't get back to sleep after he left so I started to clean the house and baking my sisters birthday cake. that night we were going out to celebrate Aj's birthday. I packed all of my makeup and hair products up and headed to my best friends house. I was doing everyone's makeup for the night.

{more photo's to come}

After we were all ready we headed to Push Ultra Lounge. The place was packed but so much fun. We celebrated Aj turning 22 buy dancing all night and having some adult beverages. around 2:30 everyone was getting tired so we called it a night. Sadly i have no photo's of us in the club. But we had a blast and better yet Aj did!

Sunday was relaxing. I went to church by myself, then headed home to finish Aj's cake. It took me about 3 hours to finish but i was so proud of it. This was my first time making everything from scratch(well not the fondant)! I had never even worked with fondant before but I managed to make it look good.

The camera made the colors look weird. It is actually Neon Pink, Yellow, Purple and Orange.
Jeff got home around 4 and I was so excited to see him. We talked about his weekend hike and I got ready for the birthday dinner. When we arrived I put the final touches on the cake and showed Aj. She was so excited! the cake didn't totally turn out the way I wanted it to, but still looked great. It even tasted good.

For Aj's birthday we had her favorite... Supper on a bread slice with random fixings. It was all of her favorite treats.

Pickles, Potato Salad, Chips, Cranberry and Pineapple Sauce, Deviled Eggs, Fruit Salad. Like a sad random but good.

After dinner we sang to Aj and she blow out the candles. If you look close four of the candles are really small. My mom only bought 20 candles... well Aj is 22. So I had to ghetto cut them and make her 22. She can't make a wish on 20 candles, then it wont come true.

The weekend was a blast, but now it is Monday :( Hope everyone had a great weekend and a even better week. God Bless!

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