{Busy People}

This is our calendar of events for the next two months. I can not believe how busy we are going to be. The best part is the weekends that we have free really are not. We are still fixing up our house.

14 my birthday – Going to my parents house for dinner
15 USF football game vs. Cincinnati
16 Breanna’s Surprise 21st Birthday Party
17 Barby and my Birthday Extravaganza – going out for dinner and some adult beverages.
20 Barby’s Birthday – Taking her out to dinner
22 Mum and Daddy’s 26 wedding Anniversary – Aj and I are taking them out to dinner
30 USF football game vs. West Virginia
31 Halloween – Kim’s Party

4 Our 3rd year anniversary – going out to dinner
6-8 Anniversary Trip to Orlando
20 New Moon Movie – All the girls took off work to go see this movie
21 USF Football Game vs. Louisville
22 Jeremy’s Birthday – going to dinner
26 Thanksgiving
27 Megan’s Birthday – going to dinner
28 USF Football Game vs. Miami
30 Jeff’s Birthday – going to dinner

5 Jeremy and Megan’s Engagement Party

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