please pray!

Good afternoon!!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I am in need of your help… This Friday (tomorrow) Jeff will be in surgery for his vocal cord implant. So can you please keep him in your thoughts and prayers?

We are arriving at Tampa General Hospital around 5:00 AM for check in, Jeff then needs to be prepped for the surgery. 10:00 AM is when he will be in surgery. The surgery should only last about 2 hours. This is an out patient procedure so we will be home that night. Lucky for me Jeff is not to talk for 24 hours :). So this should be interesting.

Now if you are wondering why Jeff is getting surgery I will explain. When he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer the right vocal cord became paralyzed. (If you ever talk to Jeff, his voice is hoarse when he talks, this surgery will help fix that.) The doctors will be placing an implant behind his right vocal cord so that it becomes closer to the left one. With this surgery he will have less of a chance to harm his working vocal cord. Jeff will only have a 1 ½ inch scare on his neck.

He is really excited to get this done. So please keep him in your prayers tomorrow.

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