Mayo Clinic visit

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for praying for Jeff and I this weekend. We truly felt everyone's prayers!!!

I wanted to let everyone know how things went at the Mayo… When we arrived at the clinic Jeff went straight to get his blood taken. Normally there is about a 45 minute wait but we were very lucky and were only in the sitting room for about 10 minutes. After the blood work Jeff and I had about 3 hours to kill for his next appointment so as you would expect from me, we ate (we both had been fasting for his blood work) and went shopping. For the girls there is a new and amazing outdoor mall in Jacksonville. Jeff even had fun (sporting good store everywhere). So when we went back to the Mayo we were not so lucky with the waiting time!!! We were sitting there for 2 hours and I had watched entire movie. Jeff was finally called in for the last test, an ultrasound for his neck. We left the clinic for the day and had a night on the town; I had fun showing Jeff my old schools and places my family would go. We ate at our favorite pizza place on the beach, and that night they had an art and craft walk in that area so we did that for a while and called it a night at 9:30. We felt like old people going to bed so early but we were so mentally exhausted from that day.
So the next morning we had to get up early and go to Jeff’s doctor to get the results for everything. His doctor brought us in and told us the great news; Jeff’s numbers are still really low (that is good new!!!) and he did not notice anything alarming in his tests. At this point nothing was taking away our smiles!!! We are so excited and blessed that Jeff is staying cancer free and is in good health! Thanks again to everyone for your prayers!!!!

Jeff is giving the thumbs up after the good news!!!

Jeff and I are all smiles!

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