New Blog Started

so i am making some changes around here... starting a new blog that is more focused on me and my family. i think that i will be keeping this blog but will be putting it on the back burner for awhile. please start to follow me at {the gable family} to see what has been going on. this new chapter (mommyhood) of my life is so exciting and i can't wait to share it with y'all!



I'm linking up to This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

USF Football has started back up. Our team is looking horrible this year, but I still love my BULLS!

I ordered Caleb's Birth Announcement and can't believe how well they turned out.

Pumpkin Beer is back!!!

I bought Caleb some tank tops. They are perfect for this Florida heat!

Our Cloth Diapers came in the mail. We have a friend that uses these, and I learned that cloth diapering is really not as bad as people make it out to being. After we have used these for awhile I will write a post about them.

Our sweet baby boy smiles so much now. It melts my heart every time he smiles at me!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Bitter Sweet Times!

Well today marks the two month birthday of my sweet baby boy. Mother hood is more amazing than I could have ever thought of. My days are filled with his smiles along with wearing my PJ's all day with spit up on them, never having anytime to eat, and getting to take a shower these days is like winning the lotto. But i wouldn't change any of it. It is very true with what they say about having a little boy... you fall in love with them.
Now onto a more serious subject... going back to work. This subject has had my anxiety growing more rapidly everyday. My heart is breaking because I don't want to leave my little man. If work will allow me, to go part time that would be better but I just don't like being away from him. He is now on a routine and I know it will be thrown off when he is with his sitter. I can already tell that the first day back is going to be a horrible day for me. I am having a hard time talking about it, I just start tearing up. Gable has asked me how I am feeling about it, and I just change the subject. I feel like I would rather stay in denial then discuss leaving Caleb and going back to work. I don't believe we have anyway around this, and I just need to put my big girl pants on.
But if you ladies could pray for me! Pray that it will be easier and to just get over it.


New Born Photos

The amazing Bayfront Baby Place has the best photographers. They come by your room the day after your baby is born and take the newborn photos. The girl that took ours was super sweet and loved working with our little man. Here are just a few of the photos that she took. These are some of my favorites.


Caleb is HERE!!!

I am sorry I have not been updating y'all. On July 18th we were blessed with our sweet baby boy. Caleb James was 8 pounds and 10 ounces. I will try and catch up my blog to my life. But for now here are a few photos of us in the hospital.


Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was my daddy’s birthday, and we celebrated it in typical Schoenberger style… the Boat, The American Legion, and some cocktails (NA cocktails for yours truly!). Before we met up with my sister, uncle and aunt I wanted to give daddy his birthday gift.

Gable and I got him a Tervis Tumbler with his NASCAR’s Drivers number on it. #18 Kyle Bush… I can’t stand his driver (I think he is a whiny jerk), so he was very surprised that I bought this for him. It was pretty hard not to give him my driver’s number (Go Carl Edwards!!!). He LOVED his gift and immediately washed it out so he could make his first birthday drink in it.
 Sitting outside on the water with our family (minus Gable... his plane was stuck in NYC)

 My uncle and aunt got him a new walkie/ radio for his boat.
We had so much at my daddy birthday dinner. I laughed so hard that my belly was starting to hurt and tears where running down my checks. I am so thankful for my family!

Our Babymoon Recap

This past weekend Gable and I went on our Babymoon. The original plan was… Gable told me to dress comfy for walking/ sightseeing, and pack us a beach bag. He was taking me to Gasparilla Island during the day to do some exploring. I was so excited to go to a new place that either of us has never been to. Then he told me in the car that after we are bored with Gasparilla Island, then we were going to St. Armond’s Circle to do some shopping, visit the place that we got engaged, lay out at the beach, have a romantic dinner then head home and rent a movie. But Tropical Storm Debby changed our plans… I didn’t care at all. I had Gable all to myself; you would have thought I was a 5 year old going to Disney.

Our bags are packed and ready for the adventure of the day!
 Gasparilla Island took us about two hours to get there. Thankfully we are going back in October for a wedding and will be able to explore the Island a little more and swim in the crystal clear waters. When we arrived to the adorable town it was raining. Gable found us a great resturaunt to eat at and then we did some window shopping. The stores were a bit out of our price range (kids belts for $95) so we didn't really care to shop that long.

 This is the resturaunt that we ate at. It use to be an old train station, and it had some great sea food. I think it was called the Loose Caboose.

After spending sometime in Gasparilla Island we wanted to go to St. Armond's Circle. I could not wait to see the place where Gable and I got engaged. It had been over 6 years since we had been back. But before we made it to our location Gable noticed a Tervis Tumbler store (every southern girls best friend) and then asked me if we wanted to stop and see it. This is not really like him to make a random stop, we usually just reach the destination and don't explore. I couldn't tell if I was more excited to see the store or go off plan :).

The store was my heaven, and they had some great deals that we couldn't pass up. We got a birthday gift purchased and some Christmas gifts (yes I said Christmas... you can never start to early).

When we finally arrived to St. Armonds we did some shopping, got Ice Cream and my favorite Orange chocolate. Then we drove down to the spot that Gable asked me to be his wife. How he proposed is kind of a funny story... or at least to us. But on this board walk they have ZERO street lights, it was pitch black so when he asked me to marry him I thought he was joking (couldn't see the ring!). Well all of these years he swears a light post was around... he was wrong.
 It is crazy to think that a little over 6 years ago we were standing here and he asked me to be his wife. God is so good and we are more blessed than I could have ever imagined!

After exploring for awhile I was noticeable starting to drag a bit. We called it night and started heading back home. Before we made it home we picked up takeout and a movie. It was the perfect night to end the perfect day. I think Gable was upset the day didn't turn out as planned, but I had so much fun. Exploring a new place with my hubby, revisiting one of my favorite places ever and just spending the entire day with no interruptions. Perfect... just perfect!

On Sunday is was planned to be day two of the Babymoon. We were going to go shopping, then dinner to at Bella's. That is the place he took me on our One year Anniversary. But thanks for Debby we were stuck at home!!!! Our houses in the neighborhood are high enough but the streets were all flooded. The best part was we littaraly had nothing great to eat.  
 That is our dock, the seawall disappeared for three days.
 I found brownie mix in our pantry, then we shamefully put a hurting on it.
 Then to occupy our time a litte more we place the Dance game on our Kinect (I think that is what it is called)
 I was playing until my Cankle's started hurting. One of the many joys about being pregnant!!!
 I was clearly sad that I had to stop playing.

That night we watched some TV and then headed to bed a little early. We definatly did not have the conventional Babymoon but it worked perfectly for us. Now we are just going to have to wait for our little guy to arrive! I can't wait to meet this miriacle we are going to be calling our son!

PS... I love you HUBBY!!!!